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Invest In
Your Future

We have built the model. We have proven that the model works. Now, we want to share this opportunity with you and grow our business together.

Introducing Creative Celebrations, a company with a vision to help people create unforgettable memories. Our tagline? “Let’s Celebrate!” Because that’s exactly what we want to do – and you’re invited to share the Celebrations with us.

Creative Celebrations offers unique and personalized rental services to help customers celebrate any occasion. Our products include fun and creative offerings such as lawn-a-grams, yard signs, balloon bouquets, and custom graduation arrangements. We specialize in making memories and delivering joy, providing a safe and non-contact way to celebrate special moments with loved ones.

At Creative Celebrations, we provide our franchisees with everything necessary to operate a profitable business. This includes a comprehensive turnkey business model, a proven operating system, effective marketing materials, reliable operational support, and much more. With a low initial investment, our franchisees have the potential to yield substantial returns.

Our team of experts provides you with guidance and support so you can concentrate on growing your business and providing a first-rate customer experience. Our straightforward product offerings make it easy for you to devote your undivided attention to managing your business.

Creative Celebrations is more than just a rental services company. We are a community of celebration enthusiasts who take pride in creating unforgettable memories. Come join the party!

How To Begin
Your Creative Celebration
From Concept to Creation!

1. The Anticipation!

Get excited about the opportunity to join Creative Celebrations as a franchisee and make a big splash in the event planning industry.

2. First Impressions

Learn more about Creative Celebrations and what sets our franchise opportunity apart from the competition.

3. Check Out The Venue

Visit our headquarters or speak with one of our representatives to explore the potential of partnering with Creative Celebrations.

4. Where Do I Sign?

Take the next step in your journey towards becoming a Creative Celebrations franchisee by carefully reviewing our Financial Disclosure Document.

5. Party Favors

Explore your options for funding your Creative Celebrations franchise, whether through traditional loans or alternative sources.

6. Let's Get This Celebration Started

Sign our Financial Agreement and officially join the Creative Celebrations family, with access to training and ongoing support to help you build a successful business.

7. Break out the Bubbly

Enjoy comprehensive training and support from Creative Celebrations as you build and grow your franchise, ensuring high-quality operations and profitability.

Features and Benefits

Growing Quickly

Over 3000 clients and growing daily

Large Inventory

Creative Celebrations offers over 200 different styles and over 3500 units available.


Customers have endless design possibilities to choose from, allowing them to create a celebration unique to them.

Year-Round Availability

Open all four seasons, Creative Celebrations is available to serve customers throughout the year.

Safe and Non-Contact

The company's focus on safe and non-contact services provides peace of mind for customers and employees.

Community Involvement:

Creative Celebrations creates a community-centric business where everyone can get involved and share in the celebration.

Great Return on Investment

Creative Celebrations offers a low-cost business model with minimal ongoing expenses and great potential for return on investment.


$ 0 k
Franchise Fee
0 % of gross sales
Royalty Fee
0 % of gross sales
Local Advertising
0 % of gross sales
Corporate Marketing Fund

The average initial investment for a Creative Celebrations franchise is around $47,310 to $101,500 to account for start-up costs and the franchise fee.


Creative Celebrations is a unique celebration company that provides 3D yard signs and other fun decorations to celebrate any occasion.

Creative Celebrations has been in business since 2008.

As a Creative Celebrations franchisee, you will have access to a proven business model, comprehensive support, and a strong potential for return on investment.

Creative Celebrations offers a comprehensive training program that includes initial hands-on training, local on-site support during each franchisee’s initial start-up, and ongoing guidance to
ensure the quality of operations and profitability.

While no previous experience is required to become a Creative Celebrations franchisee, the owner-operator of the franchise should be outgoing and comfortable with face-to-face sales, and
should have the drive and determination to grow the business. ensure the quality of operations and profitability.

If you are interested in franchising with Creative Celebrations, you can contact us directly through our website or by phone to begin the process.
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